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Agile Spray Foam is proud to be Oklahoma’s top choice for spray foam insulation services. You can count on us to provide you with high-quality products such as Bayseal OC spray foam insulation. Bayseal OC spray foam insulation plays many roles with improving the performance of any building. When it is installed properly, this spray foam will expand 140 times its initial volume and seal all voids, gaps and crevices. Come talk to our professional technicians today to learn more about open-cell spray foam and to schedule your FREE quote for service.

Top-notch spray foam insulation products

- Density of installed product is approximately 0.5lbs per 2 feet

- Energy efficient structure provides aged R-value of 3.9 per inch

- One-step air seal and insulation will help maintain indoor air quality

- Excellent sound attenuation

- Absorbs mid to high-frequency sounds

- Contributes to USGBC LEED points

- Listed with ICC Evaluation Services

- Registered as a low-emitting insulation material with the collaborative for high-performance schools

- Airtight, void-free walls which minimize sound pathways

Stop the air from leaking through

Open-cell spray polyurethane insulation is perfect to fit to fill cavities of almost any shape. It provides an air barrier that will minimize air leakage and higher R-value than other insulating materials. There won’t be voids or gaps between the insulation and studs, and it provides superior insulation to your building or home.

Benefits of open-cell insulation

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